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Catamarans are very popular due to their stability, spaciousness; all of which enables safety while sailing. They consist of two hulls with frames and each hull has a motor.

Catamarans gained their popularity because of multiple reasons. They are very spacious, which enables more privacy, but above all they are almost impossible to sink, because they function as some kind of raft. It is possible to drop anchor in very shallow bays and very close to the beach with them. It is possible to find catamarans of different sizes (from 14 to up to100 feet) and different models: cruise, race, open, trimaran and a lot more.

Modern catamarans usually have four cabins with a bathroom and a big salon, which is on the same level as a cockpit. There is a lot of space for relaxation and fun in the cockpit. There is a big net between shells in front where you can sunbathe and have a private swimming pool. This kind of organization rarely makes you feel crowded on the catamaran and therefore you can afford to have some intimacy and separation from other members of the crew if you wish for it. Catamarans are suitable for families, friends and business partners.

There are a large number of catamarans we can offer. Should you not find a desired catamaran, send us an inquiry and we will help you.

“When choosing a suitable catamaran, you need to consider your desired comfort and the number of adults and children on board.”


“It is always better to choose a catamaran with slightly more space than you have planned.”


“Think about additional equipment, such as CD, TV, Internet, mobile telephone, grill, etc. Check what additional gadgets are included in the price and what else you would need.”


The budget you are prepared to pay for the catamaran and a possible crew hire is also important. You also need to consider the cost of food, anchoring, anchorage in marinas and fuel.”