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Sailboats are primarily there for you to enjoy freedom, adventure, exciting or peaceful free time spending. Nothing compares to the beauty of spreading your sails, turning off your motor and listening only to the sound of wind, which takes you to your destination. Sailboats are at your disposal to discover all of the above and in addition you can also discover hidden and unspoilt nature with them. You can use sailboats when sailing with your family, friends or business partners.

Modern sailboats are balanced and comfortable. A typical sailboat has a saloon, a kitchen and cabins. The number of cabins depends on the size of a sailing boat. Larger sailing boats all have a toilet facility in their cabin, while smaller boats share one or two facilities. There is a lot of space for steering, socialising and sunbathing on the deck. But most of all the deck space is meant primarily for sailing manoeuvres.

There are quite some sailboats that can be categorized in different ways. We categorize them based on the shape of the body, the keel type (fixed keel, swing keel, according to the structure of the keel), the sailing purpose (sports, racing and cruiser sailboats, etc), on the number and type of sails (modern Sloop, Catboat, Cutter, Schooner, etc), based on the material and we could go on and on. A typical sailboat measure from a few feet until 60 or more feel long. We also know luxurious sailboats, measuring up to 200 feet.

We offer a vast collection of sailboats of different kinds and sizes.

Should you not find a sailboat of your desire or could not decide which one to choose, please send us an enquiry and we will help you choose an ideal sailboat especially for you.

“When choosing a sailboat you need to pay attention to the number of cabins and beds, which depends on the number of people and their wishes.”


“Do not underestimate sailing skills of your crew: the skills are crucial when manoeuvring in marines and strong winds.”


When choosing whether to take a sports sailboat with good sailing characteristics or a spacious sailboat, you should weight up the purpose of sailing above” all.


Your sailboat renting budget is also important. You also have to consider the costs of food, anchorage, possible sailboat quay and fuel.”


The age of the sailboat, its maintenance and interior are very important. It is not a rule that an old sailboat is worse than a new one. Sailboats with a regular and good maintenance can last a very long time.”


“If you wish to hire a skipper, inquire about his/her experiences and also about possibilities to learn how to manoeuvre a sailboat yourself.”