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Gulet is a wooden motor-sailing vessel, primarily meant for comfortable cruising. Gulets offer a lot of space and comfort with high quality “hotel” accommodation. There are different kinds of gulets, which differ by size, quality, services and furniture and equipment. They measure from only approximately 14 metres to the magnificent 30 metres in length or more.

The number of cabins and passengers depend on the size of the gulet. They can also differ in their exterior and interior. The cabins are spacious, air conditioned; they have a bathroom and wardrobes, big enough to store luggage, and a mini bar. In addition to the gulet cabins, there are other shared chambers inside as well – a big salon with a bar, dining room, place for various games, evening parties and for sunbathing and bathing. Gulets are managed by a professional crew – a captain, sailors/stewards, hostesses and cooks. Their task is to take care of safety and enable comfort while cruising. The service on gulets are mostly sold as half board, full board and All inclusive.

There are two ways you can rent a gulet. The first one is called private gulet charter, where you rent the whole gulet, including the staff, for yourself, your family, your business partners or friends. In this case you can adapt the timetable, the destinations, and the meals to yourself. The staff fully adapts to you and your customers.

The other is called cabin gulet charter, which is an alternative to private gullet charter. Here you only rent a cabin and join the other passengers who will spend their vacation on the gulet. This way the timetable, destinations and food are planned and they cannot be adapted to you only. However, you get the chance to meet new people and socialize with them. There is a lot of room for privacy as well.

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“Private Gulet charter … rent a whole gulet with the crew only to yourself, to family and friends, business partners, etc.”


Cabin Gulet charter… Should you wish to rent only one cabin as a couple… or more cabins as a family or a group of friends…”


A great selection of Gulets in our database… Send us your inquiry.”