Motorboats offer power, speed and elegance, all of which comes together with excitement. It is possible to cover long distances at sea very fast with them. Their size tells us whether they are suitable only for water-sports activities, or if they are suitable for short (daily) trips. They have a shallow draft, which makes it practical for them to arrive to the shore. We also need to bear in mind the quantity of fuel these vessels need.

The interior organization, the number of cabins, beds, a possible kitchen and a toilet depend on the size of the motorboat. Boats up to 12 meters have up to three cabins and suit to six persons; a comfortable overnight stay is thus enabled. These motorboats are suitable for short (daily) trips; while they are not suitable for longer vacation, especially if you wish for more comfort.

There are many different kinds and sizes of motorboats nowadays. Motorboats larger by shape and spaciousness usually look like a yacht and their characteristics suit a yacht as well. So many times it is hard to distinguish the two at first sight.

There is a vast selection of motorboats in our database.

When choosing your motorboat, consider the purpose of renting and the number of members aboard.”


When accepting a motorboat, check the adequacy of equipment, navigation system and motor functioning.”


“Ask about fuel consumption.”


“Consider the budget you have for renting a vessel. There are other costs in addition to vessel renting, such as fuel, anchorage, etc.”