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Yachts are a synonym for beauty, luxury, sophistication and justified boastfulness. They immediately attract attention with their exterior. Their interior is spacious, comfortable and luxurious. They are popular among beginners as well as among experienced boat lovers.

In addition to its luxury they also have a very powerful motor, which gives a feeling of ultimate power and beauty at sea. When you take all its features into account, the price also fits in. You also need to take into account the fuel these beauties need to sail.

The yacht’s interior depends on its size. However, no matter the size, we can always speak of ultimate spaciousness, comfort and luxury. Smaller yachts can only have two cabins, a salon, a kitchen and a toilet, while the number of cabins and other rooms is directly proportional with the yacht’s size, which can also add up to your privacy if you wish for it. The interior depends on the brand and the age of the yacht. They mostly have modern interior, technology and requisites for water sports activities.

There are various models and yacht sizes. The size ranges from the smallest, only 9 metres in length, to large luxurious yachts, measuring up to incredible 167 metres. However, most of them measure around 20 metres in length. Yachts that measure more than 16 metres in length are hard to control because of their length and they demand for an experienced skipper, who knows how to control the boat, as well as service hostesses and other additional help aboard.

We offer a large, varied selection of yachts. Should you not find the yacht of your desire, send us an inquiry, and we will help you choose the right one for you.

“When choosing a yacht, you need to pay attention to the desired comfort and the number of adults and children aboard.”


“Do not forget to check how suitable the yacht equipment, navigation system, motor functioning and other equipment are upon renting the yacht.”


“Think about extra products or services. Check what other products and services the price includes and what more could you need.”


Your budget for renting the yacht and the crew is important. You need to take into account not only the renting price, but also the price of food, anchorage, yacht quay in ports and fuel.”


“If you wish to hire a skipper and other staff, inquire about their training and experience. Check the work assignments they should do when they are hired.”